These Facts About The F-22 Raptor Will Blow You Away

March 16, 2016 | Brian

How Much Does One Cost?

The F-22 Raptor is one of the most secretive planes in existence. The military doesn’t want you to know much about this stealth monster, but that’s why we are here today. Here are 30 facts about the iconic aircraft that will blow you off the tarmac!

Best Dream Works
Best Dream Works

With an estimated $34 billion spent to procure the final product, F-22’s would cost an estimated $339 million per aircraft, with a cost of around $150 per each additional unit. The total program cost for the F-22’s is around $66 billion.

Because of the hefty price tag, there was a debate throughout the early 2000’s as to whether this was a viable program to complete. Staunch opposition came from Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, as well as Senator John McCain. Nevertheless, Congress decided to continue the F-22’s production in 2008 by way of a new spending bill.

Cost per hour
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Any guesses as far as its operating cost? In 2008, the Air Force claimed that the F-22 cost $44,259 per flying hour.

But the Office of the Secretary of Defense later stated that it was $49, 808. The former fighter, F-15, had an average cost of $30,818.

Only room for one

One of the more advanced cockpits in modern military aircraft, the F-22 is as high tech as it is cramped. It includes a monochrome head-up display, as well as a keypad system for entering communications and autopilot data, but only has space for one pilot.

Only the best can operate this beast, as a pilot has no co-pilot for recourse. The trick would be to process and analyze the extensive technical data being fed through the aircraft’s instruments.