45 Amazing Historic Photos - No Photoshop Here

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Rarely Seen Historical Photos

These photos, depicting famous people and events from history, may give you pause. They show the past in a light that's both familiar and alien at the same time. Some are disturbing, some are melancholic, and others may make you smile. They will all, however, cause you to look at history with fresh eyes. Memorable moments are almost never the same in retrospect. Whether they're scenes from pop culture, major social events, or historical photos that have since defined our idea of where humanity once was, our first exposure to these things plays a huge role in how we perceive reality, but...

Over time, we change as individuals while the world changes around us. Still we often refuse to believe that our memories could be affected in a similar way. As difficult as it can be to accept this inevitable aspect of aging, there's also something exciting about realizing we can discover and rediscover important people, places and events over the course of our lives. These images have not been altered in any way, only how we remember them depending on our initial exposure. Brace yourself for a trip back in time throughout the inner workings of your mind...

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