No One Knows Why This Abandoned New York Mansion Is Still Empty

A Mysterious Mansion, Abandoned For Reasons Unknown
Bryan Sansivero@st.severus

Real estate in New York City is some of the most expensive in the world. It’s also one of Earth’s most crowded places, with about 8.5 million people living within city limits. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for unused space. Certainly not a giant, empty mansion.

Nevertheless, just a few miles away from Times Square sits this huge, derelict mansion that hasn’t been occupied in years.

Why hasn’t anyone lived there? Why hasn’t it been dozed and had apartments built on the land? What’s inside? Click ahead to find out.

Bryan Sansivero@st.severus

Had it not been for the efforts of a New York photographer named Bryan Sansivero, the mansion might have continued languishing in obscurity forever. Sansivero is fascinated by images of urban decrepitude, with an affinity for abandoned buildings.

He shot a documentary about a mouldering psychiatric hospital in Kings Park, New York, titledĀ Shadows of Kings Park. The documentary was critically acclaimed and may have given Sansivero the golden ticket to gain access to this mansion.

What he found inside was a visual feast of images of decay. The mansion still contained all the furniture and decorations of its previous owner. But who was that? And why did they leave?

Bryan Sansivero@st.severus

The mansion was originally constructed in the 30’s and remained occupied until the 70’s. It’s been about forty years since anyone lived there.

There is no official, known justification for why the previous tenants left and why no new ones have moved in.

It should be an easy sell. It has 57 rooms, an indoor tennis court and even its own bowling alley. It’s also in a fantastic location and could be hugely profitable for the right buyer. Nevertheless, it remains abandoned.


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