Rare Photos Of History That Are Truly Incredible

December 28, 2016 | Nick

Rarely Seen Historical Photos

These photos, depicting famous people and events from history, may give you pause. They show the past in a light that’s both familiar and alien. Some are disturbing, some are melancholic, and others may make you smile. They will all, however, make you look at history with fresh eyes.

These photos range from the early 1940’s all the way to the late 1990’s. We search far and wide to find historic photos that you don’t usually discover and provide a small bit of historical reference for each. These historic moments made us wonder what the… to oh I totally forgot about that. Enjoy!

This odd looking plane is known as the Caspian Sea Monster. Designed in the mid 60’s by the Russians, it truly is a unique design. The monster plane was built for special operations and military rescue teams. The cruising speed is estimated to be around 260 mph (430 km/h) and max speed around 400 mph (720 km/h). Pretty fast for such a massive plane back in the 60’s.