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Take a Look Inside These Abandoned Submarines & Bases

March 15, 2015 | Ryan

Submarines represent the pinnacle of underwater wartime technology. They are large, crewed vessels which in some cases can also be remotely operated. Design and construction attempts started in the 19th century and they played a vital role in World War I, World War II and The Cold War. They were used to attack merchant and military surface ships and other submarines. The could also protect aircraft carriers. Their functions included blockade running, reconnaissance and covert insertion of special forces. Beyond their wartime capabilities, subs are also used in marine science operations, tourism and undersea archaeology.

Council of American Maritime Museums

Due to the nature of the way they’re built and used, recovery of sunken or abandoned subs can be extremely difficult. The remains of some of these vessels can be found all over world. This article features lost and forgotten subs, bases, pens and docks. Some are genuinely haunting while others have been turned into museums and tourist sites. Stick around until the end to learn about subs that weren’t abandoned, but seized by the government for illegal activity. There is also information about a controversial hoax involving the supposed recovery of a Nazi sub in American waters…

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