These Elite Forces Are Not To Be Taken Lightly

August 25, 2017 | Brian

National and international security is a tough business for any country. To perform it expertly requires the proper allocation of finances, resources, and a resilient attitude.

Here are the countries that have perfected this better than most.

Ireland - Ranger Wing

Irish army

Ireland has been at odds with Great Britain for, well, try hundreds of years. In an effort to hold their own, especially with hostile Northern Ireland sharing a border with them, Ireland has amassed a strong elite defense force known as the Irish Army Ranger Wing.

Irish Ranger Army

In order to qualify, an Irishman must pass a series of challenging physical and mental tests. Most are recruited from a variety of military backgrounds.

Irish army

Formed back in 1980, the Ranger Wing was formed to address continual terrorism issues. This period was referred to as the ‘Troubles’ years.