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February 22, 2006

Today marks the twelve-year anniversary of Britain's biggest ever bank heist. A group of men, at least six of them, raided a Securitas Cash Management Ltd depot in Kent and stole 53,116,760 pounds in bank notes.

Daily Mail

The evening before, the gang abducted Colin Dixon, the depot manager, while he was driving. Dixon saw what he thought were police lights in his rearview mirror, pulled over, and was arrested by a man masquerading as a police officer. In the back of the fake cop car, he was handcuffed and then driven to a farm in Staplehurst.

Meanwhile, Dixon's wife and young son were visited by fake police officers at their Herne Bay home. They were told that Dixon had been in an accident. They were driven to the same farm where Dixon was being held, where their lives were threatened in front of Dixon to make him comply.


The three of them were then driven to the Securitas depot, where fourteen staff members were being held at gunpoint by men in balaclavas. When the robbery was complete, around 2:45am, all the hostages were locked in cash cages. One of them was given a key to free herself, and she was able to eventually free the others. It was a full thirty minutes before they could alert the police.

To date, there have been thirty arrests made in conjunction with the case, but nobody has been convicted. The police claim they've recovered about twenty million pounds of the stolen sum.

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