Top Secret Military Weapons Developed By Nazi Germany

July 16, 2015 | Vivian

An interesting question to consider: would the outcome of World War II have been different if Nazi Germany had been able to carry out plans for all of their top-tiered weapons? While we’d like to think the answer is no, the truth of the matter is that Nazi Germany had its fair share of crazy contraptions and weapons – and they had the brainpower to bring them alive. As World War II drew to an end, Adolf Hitler’s best designers and scientists were employed in a frantic race to develop some of the most sophisticated and advanced military weapons during the time. Although these weapons were a part of Hitler’s desperate last attempts to salvage his empire (hence dubbed as “The Wonder Weapons” or “Wunderwaffen”), many never saw the light of day. Had these inventions come just a little earlier, the outcome of the Second World War could’ve been very different indeed.

Fritz X


The Fritz X is considered by many to be the modern “smart” bomb. The radio guided anti-ship glide bomb was the world’s first precision guided weapon, as well as the first to sink a ship in combat. Meant to target battleships and heavy cruisers, the Fritz X operated on a joystick radio-command system. Although few units were able to deploy the Fritz X, the bomb proved to be highly successful in combat, taking down the Italian battleship Roma, American light cruiser Savannah, the Royal Navy’s HMS Uganda and a couple of merchant ships.